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Myanmar. Thousand Pagodas of Bagan from Dominika on Vimeo.

How do you timelapse a country with no clouds?

Here is how:) So far, this was for me one of the most challenging timelapses, as the weather itself was not very dramatic, but landspace was and I believe the result, in the end is pretty awesome!

Thanks to my slider from guys at I was able to get those nice changes of perspective, and in combination with HDR timelapsing, its like you are walking through those pagodas, isn’t it?

Also for the post-processing I used panolapse from and SNS-HDR for HDRing.

Last week I totally fell in love with psychill! To be honest I never thought I am that kind of person who could listen to this kind of music at home in my free time, but yes I am! I borrowed the track from an awesome Bulgarian artist: Frequency therapist, listen to him, heal yourself and maybe enter some higher spiritual worlds here:

Anyway, I love Myanmar, such a beautiful country. Bagan will be forever in my heart.

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Spark from IDEO on Vimeo.

Spark Camera for iPhone:

Music: Cup of Tea by Audiafauna (

Crazy to think Kirk’s Cogitations turned 6 today! #TumblrRules

Crazy to think Kirk’s Cogitations turned 6 today! #TumblrRules

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The Believers Trailer from 137 Films on Vimeo.

The trailer from The Believers, the new documentary from 137 Films.

Alaska The Nutrient Cycle from Paul Klaver on Vimeo.

Once they enter fresh water chum salmon stop feeding and morph into an aggressive creature intent only on mating. After spawning, they die and their bodies become a source of nutrients for everything in the forest and sea.

Very special thanks to Lynn Schooler, who without I could not have made this short.

Special thanks to Richard Nelson, Hank Lentfer, Riley Woodford and Henk Meeuwsen for providing additional sounds.

To Lynn & Michio, whose stories and adventures inspired me to come to Alaska.

UPDATE - Shot over the course of three weeks with a Canon 5d and a GoPro.


ArrivalStephen Antonakos

Almost looks like a “K” for “Kirk”


Stephen Antonakos

Almost looks like a “K” for “Kirk”